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The neon mattress It consists of a core of pocket springs covered on both sides with a sheet of HR foam and another of super soft rubber, with the two white covers, the gray suapel trim and silver trim.
El colchón Latex Coco se compone de un nucleo de espuma HR de 24 Kilogramos por metro cuadrado envuelto por los dos lados con fibra de coco para aislar la humedad y recubierto por dos capas de latex.
El colchón Venecia es un modelo con interior de muelles ensacados recubierto con una lamina de fieltro y otra de espuma HR de 26 Kilogramos por metro cuadrado, con acabado de tejido strech.
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The royal mattress It is made up of a soft HR foam core with one side wrapped in coconut fiber to insulate against moisture, covered on both sides with viscoelastic.
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Get ready to sleep well and enjoy a pleasant rest with the selection of Ekilikua mattresses, where you will find the perfect mattress for you, which will adapt to the way you sleep and offer your body the most appropriate support.

Sleeping well is essential on a physical, mental and emotional level, therefore, the choice of mattress is something very important that should not be taken lightly, since we must choose the most suitable one based on our complexion.

Aware of this, at Ekilikua we offer you a wide variety of mattresses made of different materials so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

The mattress that your body needs

The mattress is where you spend the most time at the end of the day and of life, since on average, we spend a third of our lives sleeping. And, as we know that each person is different, we bring you an exclusive collection of high-quality memory foam, spring and coil mattresses. Which one do you prefer?

Viscoelastic mattresses will offer the ideal support for your back and will adapt perfectly to your body from the first time you lie down, giving you unparalleled comfort, regardless of your sleeping position.

A spring mattress is a safe bet for your rest, ensuring that the weight of the body is distributed evenly throughout the mattress, since each spring works independently.

And rolled mattresses stand out for being the easiest to transport and store, since you can roll them up when you're not using them. When you unroll it, let it act for a few minutes and it will get its natural shape, offering maximum performance.

As you can see, we have many bed mattresses to choose from. Discover them, get yours and start enjoying the rest you deserve.



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